jungle garden

orlando, fl

As part of a collective of contemporary, short-term luxury apartment rentals located in Orlando’s Millenia neighborhood, each unit represents a separate facet of the city’s thriving art scene, cultural attractions and greatest treasures. Similar design applications were employed to streamline the units via focal points in each bedroom and entry, original art throughout all units, and modern, appropriately-scaled furnishings which lend to functional and comfortable layouts perfect for short or extended stays.

This jungle themed residence embodies the beautiful animal and plant wildlife that has become a primary draw for Orlando’s residents and travelers. With Disney’s Animal Kingdom only a few miles from the complex, the incorporation of a zebrawood pattern at the entry, a canopy creatures master bedroom mural backdrop, and a royal blue shrub wallpapered guest room effectively highlight the enchanted resort and the magic of nature conclusively. Grounding hues of navy and turquoise serve to connect each of the divided prints into one singular motif, and natural finishes give a final nod to life’s sustaining habitat.

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