art centric rental

orlando, fl

As part of a collective of contemporary, short-term luxury apartment rentals located in Orlando’s Millenia neighborhood, each unit represents a separate facet of the city’s thriving art scene, cultural attractions and greatest treasures. Similar design applications were employed to streamline the units via focal points in each bedroom and entry, original art throughout all units, and modern, appropriately-scaled furnishings which lend to functional and comfortable layouts perfect for short or extended stays.

Surrealism meets contemporary art in this vibrant, spacious interior. Local works, geometric wallpaper, and matching salmon-colored paint dress the walls of the living room. In the master bedroom bursts perspective, bubble wallpaper that tastefully juxtaposes the natural animal motif accents and wooden finishes of the furniture. Across the way is a Johnny Cash themed guest room, that hosts four embellished prints of the late singer, each created by a local artist.

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