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Erica Riggio

co-founder | designer extraordinaire | marketing mama

Riggio is resolute in her belief that good design should be accessible. It functions as one of the cornerstones of a quality existence and should be incorporated into every facet of life. She honors the architecture of a space by creating harmonious balance within her interiors. Textural, neutral backdrops create the canvas on which Ms. Riggio's designs begin while infusion of rich accents and sensible patterns combine to create distinctive spaces.

Riggio earned her Masters of Fine Arts in Interior Design from The George Washington University. She also attended Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore and received a certificate in Architectural and Interior Design studies. Riggio has traveled across the world to study art, art history, architecture, and interior design. She recently taught within the design department at Montgomery College and as an adjunct professor at George Washington University in the Interior Architecture and Design Program.

Angela Justice

co-founder | designer extraordinaire | boutique curator

Justice's unique design approach stems from her background in Fine Art. "I approach designing a space as I would a painting- the composition of color, texture, light, and proportion have to balance harmoniously to create a beautiful and functional result." Justice completed her studies in Fine Art and Art History at Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia.  “I love using color in spaces where it is fitting. In my personal space, I enjoy living around color. It incites so many feelings; it makes me warm, comfortable, and happy.”

After working several years in retail and visual merchandising for Louis Vuitton and Saks Fifth Avenue, she decided to pursue her graduate studies in interior design at Marymount University. 

Justice continues to find inspiration in her travels, fashion, music, and from other artists and designers. “I want to continue to create inspiring, distinctive spaces.  Stepping outside of the box and taking chances is how one grows creatively, how the limits are pushed to create something unalike and remarkable.”

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Green Owl Design is an interior design firm based in the Washington DC metropolitan area specializing in boutique to mid-size commercial interiors and select residential spaces. We are passionate about thoughtful design, its power to transform experiences, reshape lives, and connect communities. We understand budgets, construction, and timelines. We approach design academically and practically. We implement avant-garde strategies to break the design mold. We push limits. We source local. We love what we do.






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