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Click here to download our full Design Services Overview for more info!

*Every project holds significance, so please don't hesitate to email us, even for smaller jobs!


  • Review process of initial Client inquiry

  • Initial virtual client Discovery Call to discuss project, preliminary budget and timeline, and understand overall space and relevant adjacencies (recommended for client to be in space for this call)

  • Obtainment and in-house review of existing architectural plans and owner-provided materials (inspiration photos, plans, existing inventory, etc)

  • Documentation and assessment of preliminary program requirements for design plan

  • Generation of Proposal of Services

  • Generation of Design Services Agreement


  • Exploration of preliminary, inspirational, and abstract ideas on function, style, and other foundational elements

  • Creation of digital moodboard where inspiration, color schemes, concept imagery, and design styles are illustrated

  • Schedule site visit to conduct field measure survey, photo documentation, and site notes for subsequent plan generation (can also occur in Schematic Design phase)


  • Generation of basic 2-D CAD floorplans or verified (if provided by others)

  • Initial space planning (which may include furniture) to consider circulation, flow, and layout categorized by function/use (up to 2 options, degree of variations may vary)

  • Basic, non-detailed, drawings and/or sketches that can include elevations are created

  • Samples for key FFE (furnishings, fixtures, and equipment) options

  • Continue discussion of budget and project timeline

  • Meeting to review Schematic Design deliverables for approval

  • Revision of floorplan and/or space plan (if requested)


  • Development of working drawings for design intent: could include scaled floorplans, furnishings plan, elevations, lighting plan and/or other detailed drawings

  • Product and materials specifications (FFE) with (1) revision of preferred option

  • Detailed digital presentation

  • Meeting(s) to review detailed digital presentation and key finish samples (in-person or virtual); If virtual, samples can be mailed and associated costs will be billed as reimbursable expense - All decision makers are required to be in attendance and provide feedback during presentations

  • Further develop project schedule (specifications) for FFE for use by Contractor/Client

  • Further develop project budget for FEE and Labor (if applicable)

  • ROM estimate obtained from preferred Contractor/Vendor for budgeting purposes (ROM refers to a Rough Order of Magnitude or Ballpark Estimate which provide a rough idea of expected costs and is not a finalized document; this estimate may be delivered via email or other non-formal means)

  • Based on final approval of specifications and budget, procurement commences

Level of detail and necessity of documentation is dependent upon project scope


  • Finalized written and graphic documents for design intent including drawings, specifications, and schedules (as needed) to communicate the project design to Contractors/Architect; Drawings may include: dimensions floorplans, reflected ceiling plans, switching plans, elevations, millwork drawings, finish plans and schedules, etc

  • Finalized project budget for either FFE and/or construction

Level of involvement is dependent upon Designer's project scope


  • Designer will conduct periodic site visits based on project progress (can be virtual and in-person and usually lasts for (1) hour) to ensure build adheres to design intent 

  • Review of Contractor’s submittals but only for the limited purpose of checking for conformance with the design concept expressed in Contract Documents (CD)

  • If Client/Howeowner contracts directly with the General Contractor, Designer will perform the following:

    • Preparation of change orders and change directives

    • Assess Contractor payment requests based on site observations and payment applications

    • Advise Client/Homeowner on non-compliant work observed as per document contracts. Designer is not liable for Contractor’s performance or the provided materials and equipment

    • Request for information (RFI) responses and submittals from Contractor will be returned by Designer, in writing, within (5) business days


  • Obtainment of price quotes (occurs during Design Development phase)

  • Processing of payments for budgeted and approved FFE

  • Creation of purchase orders and purchasing

  • Data input for project budget

  • Review of vendor acknowledgements

  • Tracking on orders, receipts, and invoices

  • Assistance with delivery logistics and returns, exchanges, and damage claim resolution

  • Limited project coordination of installations for purchased goods and materials


  • Designer will assist client in obtaining an estimate(s) and/or proposal(s) by submitting all design documents and pertinent information for Contractor review

  • Designer will respond to questions needed to complete bidding

  • Designer will review a comparison of bids and present them to Client/Owner


  • Designer will coordinate work, including meetings, site visits, and drawing reviews

  • Provide Q&A regarding the interpretation and/or clarification of our Design Documents to coordinate with consultants


Click here to download for more info!

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